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Blaine Labs at Tradeshows

blaine labs at tradeshows

Exhibiting throughout the United States, the Blaine Labs® team utilizes tradeshows to personally interact with our physicians and provide first-hand information on building a successful practice. We fully believe in engaging on a personal level and demonstrating the value that dispensing Blaine Labs® treatments adds to your office.
 Come visit our team to learn more about the quality solutions offered. Take advantage of tradeshow-specific promotions. Blaine Labs  will

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R&D Lab Working to Provide Better Solutions

Thanks to the continuous efforts of our in-house Research and Development team, Blaine Labs products once again stand above all the competition in effectiveness and potency.

With the introduction of the most powerful and patent-pending antifungal on the market, Terpenicol Antifungal Solution, physicians across the country have been asking how we did it! It took nearly two years of testing, development and clinical trials before Terpenicol was launched in 2014. As a result

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Blaine Labs Discussing Residency Crisis

This past year U.S. Congressman Kevin McCarthy visited Blaine Labs for a second time to review the current repercussions of the ACA on Podiatry, as well as to discuss the Podiatric residency crisis.

Congressman McCarthy, now the House Majority Leader, was intrigued by the socioeconomic changes patients are experiencing, and as a result, how it is all affecting doctors. McCarthy was also taken back by the idea that most patients are unfamiliar with their own

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