This past year U.S. Congressman Kevin McCarthy visited Blaine Labs for a second time to review the current repercussions of the ACA on Podiatry, as well as to discuss the Podiatric residency crisis.

Congressman McCarthy, now the House Majority Leader, was intrigued by the socioeconomic changes patients are experiencing, and as a result, how it is all affecting doctors. McCarthy was also taken back by the idea that most patients are unfamiliar with their own insurance plans and their respective coverage. As a champion of small businesses, the ups and downs of private practices makes for a great barometer of the overall state of healthcare, as well as the nation?s economy.

One of the biggest talking points throughout the meeting was the current residency crisis podiatry is experiencing and how there is a bottleneck for good medical students looking to help the community. Congressman McCarthy was dishearten in hearing that graduating podiatric students were met with outstanding loans, not enough residency programs, and nothing to show for all their long years of sacrifice and dedication.