Thanks to the continuous efforts of our in-house Research and Development team, Blaine Labs products once again stand above all the competition in effectiveness and potency. With the introduction of the most powerful and patent-pending antifungal on the market, Terpenicol Antifungal Solution, physicians across the country have been asking how we did it! It took nearly two years of testing, development and clinical trials before Terpenicol was launched in 2014. As a result of all the hard work put in behind the scenes, Terpenicol was met by raving physician reviews and overwhelmingly positive feedback. Unlike all other podiatric companies, our ability to be directly ?hands-on? in our development process allows us to both incorporate doctor feedback and make product improvements immediately. Some great examples of this flexibility include how Carvacrol (a powerful-fungicidal ingredient) was added to Tineacide Solution after it was launched, as well as adding Capsaicin to Ortho-Nesic in order to achieve better depth, and lastly creating a once-a-day supplement treatment for neuropathy (NeuraVite).