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What a relief! You’ve treated that nasty nail fungus… wait- is that? Oh, no..it’s back!

Have you ever found yourself in this situation, where that nasty nail fungus just keeps coming back as soon as you feel you finished treating it? Often times, fungal nail infections can reoccur. Here are preventative ways to avoid it from happening (again) :

  1. Avoid walking barefoot. You want to protect your feet at all costs especially in community places like community pools, gym locker rooms, or dorm / public showers. These places are crawling with a number of fungi and bacteria! Fungi typically like dark, moist places – i.e. a shower with a drawn curtain. This fungi can lead to athlete’s foot. Imagine showering after someone who has athlete’s foot. Chances of that person’s skin cells and fungus still floating around are very likely.
  2. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly. This is a MUST especially after being exposed to areas of lots of foot traffic like community swimming pools, gym showers, etc. Before putting on socks and shoes, make sure feet are dry. Fungi like dark, moist places so don’t create an environment that’s easy for it to make a home.
  3. Practice a regular nail care routine. This can be done by trimming your nails regularly; ensuring clean, healthy nails. When cutting nails and / or toenails, make sure to cut straight and not curved. This is healthier for the nail and nail beds.
  4. Don’t share your personal nail care tools with anyone. If you must, be sure to sanitize them by washing them in soap and hot water then submerging them in rubbing alcohol for 20 minutes. Though it may seem like a lot of work, it’s much less of a hassle than having to treat fungal nails! 20 minutes of sanitation or weeks of fungal treatment?

  5. Look for Red Flags. If you’re someone who likes to pamper themselves with salon visits, be sure to choose a salon that’s clean. Most nail salons have built in foot spas; if you see them being cleaned after every use, you should be fine. However, try to opt for a place that uses portable foot spas that are lined with plastic that is changed after every pedicure. Don’t be shy to ask how tools are cleaned and sanitized. If they’re hesitant to give you an answer, RED FLAG! Look for technician licenses. Would you want someone who’s unlicensed to be working on your nails and feet? RED FLAG!

Remember, it’s easy to catch fungus and much harder to treat it so save yourself the time and headache and be aware of those red flags.

If getting a pedicure, be sure to wax or shave at least three days prior to decrease the chances of bacteria entering nicks or cuts.

If you have a cut or wound on an area that will be exposed during your time of pampering, try to delay it for few days and stay home. Open cuts are an invitation for bacteria to enter.



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