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CBD and Podiatric Medicine

CBD and Podiatric Medicine

Blaine Labs was founded in August of 1995 by Dr. Robert Blaine as a result of his father passing away due to complications stemming from fungal toe infections, poor circulation, and diabetes mellutis.  Realizing a need for a far more effective treatment, Dr. Blaine...

Preventing the Reoccurrence of a Fungal Nail Infection

What a relief! You’ve treated that nasty nail fungus… wait- is that? Oh, no..it’s back! Have you ever found yourself in this situation, where that nasty nail fungus just keeps coming back as soon as you feel you finished treating it? Often times, fungal nail...

Beginning Signs of A Fungal Nail Infection

Beginning Signs of a Fungal Nail Infection Nail discoloration. Typically it begins with small white spots of streaks growing on the nail. In some cases, these spots can be darker or black in color. If it is dried up blood, you will feel no discomfort when applying...


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