Blaine Labs was founded in August of 1995 by Dr. Robert Blaine as a result of his father passing away due to complications stemming from fungal toe infections, poor circulation, and diabetes mellutis. Realizing a need for more effective treatment, Dr. Blaine developed Tineacide Antifungal Cream, which has impacted fungal treatment by becoming one of the best-selling products available today. Inspired by the personal plight of his patients, Dr. Blaine and his team of experts continued to develop products to address poorly treated pathologies. Located on a three-building campus in beautiful Southern California, Blaine Labs supports state of the art facilities to foster chemistry research, manufacturing capabilities, and physician-direct sales and shipping.

Today, Blaine Labs proudly manufactures over thirty FDA-registered products, which reach patients globally. The dedication and research of the Blaine Labs research and development team has helped to create Revitaderm40, a keratolytic emollient which has also become synonymous with successful callus treatment. Research is showing that topically applied hemp has an inhibitory effect on hyper-proliferation of keratinocyte proliferation and inhibits inflammatory response noted with psoriasis and pruritus. Combining Revitaderm40 urea with hemp proved to be stable at room temperature, efficacious for patients with thick, dry and inflamed skin, and is now being added to our line of dermatological medical products.

Blaine Labs also offers a 100% Patient-Direct, money back guarantee on most of their products, which means dispensing Blaine Labs products is risk-free for physicians. This means if your patient sees no change or improvements with their pathology from their products or is dissatisfied with the product in any way, they simply contact them directly and Blaine Labs will refund them their entire purchase price or provide them with another product at no cost to the dispensing physician.

Blaine Labs provides this service to their clients and their patients because they understand the importance and value of having a good experience with doctors as well as reaching a solution to their pathology problems.

Another benefit to physicians that dispense Blaine Labs products is the policy that no products may be sold on any public websites such as Amazon, eBay, or similar websites ensuring that patients can only purchase Blaine Labs products directly from your practice.

The quality and effectiveness of products continues to be the number one goal at Blaine Labs. Moving forward, development has begun on an RX division to work directly with pharmacies and offer solutions for other podiatric pathologies which include gout, diabetic neuropathy, tendonitis through topical, and oral treatments. With the breakthrough of a sublingual delivery system, the ability to get a higher, more effective dosage that does not have any substantial side-effects to the liver, makes it the most effective delivery method available today.


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