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  1. Minimum Order: 120 units (per product)
  2. Blaine Labs branding will not appear on any labels
  3. Label Design and verbiage must meet FDA compliance.
  4. Personalized labeling applies to labels on bottles and jars only.
  5. Signed Release of Liability Waiver DOWNLOAD
  6. Artwork/Logo has been sent to

Please fax completed documents to 562-906-4467

Release of Liability Waiver
List of Products
Here are all the products that we have available for private labeling:

  2. Tineacide Solution – ANTIFUNGAL SOLUTION
  3. Tineacide Cream – ANTFUNGAL CREAM
  4. Tineacide Athletes Foot Cream – ATHLETE’S FOOT CREAM
  5. Tineacide Shoe Spray – SHOE SPRATY
  6. Revitaderm Wound Care Gel 1oz – WOUND CARE 1OZ
  7. Revitaderm40 4oz – UREA CREAM 4OZ
  8. Revitaderm40 8oz – UREA CREAM 8OZ
  9. Eucutasol 4oz – PSORIASIS CREAM 4OZ
  10. Eucutasol 8oz – PSORIASIS CREAM 8OZ
  11. Ortho-Nesic 3oz – PAIN RELIEVING GEL – 3OZ ROLL-ON


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