Vibration Anesthesia Device

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Employs the Gate Control Theory of Pain to diminish the discomfort associated with painful injections.

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  • Employs the Gate Control Theory of Pain to diminish the discomfort associated with painful injections
  • Convenient for routine shots, venipuncture, anesthesia, as well as staple or suture removal
  • Ergonomically created to allow you to inject at the site with one hand while holding the VAD with the other

Video Review of Blaine Labs VAD by Dr. Joe Niamtu
Video Review of Blaine Labs VAD by SkinTECH Dermatological Solutions

  • What is the active ingredient and what effect does it have? 
    There is no active ingredient in our Vibration Anesthesia Device (VAD). Our VAD. It operates with 1 AA battery.
  • How do I use the product? How often? 
    Hold the VAD in one hand. Touch the VAD. to the skin at the injection site. Press the button on the top of the housing to turn on the VAD. The patient will feel a gentle vibration and the bright blue light will illuminate the area of vibration anesthesia. Using the other hand, place the tip of the needle at the site of the beam of light and inject.
  • Can I sell Blaine Labs products on Amazon or my storefront? 
    Blaine Labs products are only sold to physicians and dispensed by physicians. If you are interested in selling Blaine Labs products in your clinic or online storefront, we highly recommend creating a private label account. Visit our Private Labeling page here. Reselling Blaine Labs products on Amazon is strictly prohibited and can result in account termination if guidelines are not followed.
  • What should I be aware of using this product? 
    Keep alert to the depth of needle penetration of the skin since the patient will be experiencing a local anesthetic effect.
  • What is Blaine Labs’ refund policy? 
    Dispensing Blaine Labs products is risk-free for you and your patients thanks to our 100% Patient-Direct, Money-Back Guarantee. If your patient is seeing no change or improvements with their pathology from our product, we will refund them their entire purchase price or provide them with another product for free.